Question Time

I’ve received many emails in recent weeks about the abrupt stop of the mailbag. Unlike what I wrote in the final mailbag of 2008, the weekly feature did not return as promised on Jan. 5 (I know it ended up being a lie, I’m sorry). At the time, decided to head in a different direction and the mailbags were scratched.

But now comes the good news — the mailbag is back.

Well, actually it’s now called the “Inbox.” My weekly interaction with fans has a new name to better reflect how fans actually send me questions. So you can send your inquiries (along with your first name, first initial of your last name, and your city and state) to and some of those questions will be incorporated in a future Inbox.

One change with the Inbox is that it won’t have a set run date. Unlike the mailbag, which ran every Monday, the Inbox will run whenever I have received enough questions to warrant one (and of course, when I have enough time to answer the questions as well). I am going to try to have it run at least once a week in Spring Training and then will determine how often it will appear during the regular season.

So thanks for your understanding and bring on the questions!



    Hey Kelly!

    Finally Spring Training! What a wonderful time of the year. My hope is that update us often.

    There are three players of special interest. I am interested in Phil Humber, as he is out of options. Also, interested in Gomez and his attempt to improve on-base percentage. I am also very interested in Young and whether he is taking instruction.

    Looking forward to your posts.

    Dave D
    Maple Grove, MN


    I know this isn’t your beat but I haven’t had luck elsewhere, please help?
    Have the Twins fixed their part of this year? See, If your out of state, say in IA area code 50158. You get blacked out of games that aren’t sold out and are in Market. Only the thing is…, The White Sox also consider 50158 to be in their market. So do the Kansas City Royals. So you end up being blacked out of those games. I rarely qualify for those out of market games. Interleague games you ask? Yes the Cubs consider 50158 to be their home market as do the Cardinals. Last year after paying the monthly rate for MLB TV I found I was able to watch less that half of the games. So then you say “What about Network TV? a good question, only… if you were a local network would you pick up the Twins playing…Detroit?, of course not, not enough local advertising. Ah yes you can get MLB on Direct TV. At a rate of 59$ a month and up. That cuts into my “travel to Minneapolis and see games in person Budget.” I know there are commitments to MLB but if the Twins would reduce its size of declared zip codes. They could actually grow their fan base. And lets be real …, The winter caravan does not come to Waterloo, Des Moines or points in between.

    Please Kelly, I’m beggin you, can you use the mailbag to spotlight this problem. I’ve been a fan since I was 9. Fans deserve loyalty too.

    Scott in Marshalltown,IA

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