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Break Time….and a welcome back to the Inbox

Some disappointing news today for the Twins bullpen with the club placing Jesse Crain on the 15-day disabled list with right shoulder inflammation.

That means that Crain will be out until at least Sunday, May 3. From everyone I’ve talked to it doesn’t sound like this is a big concern. It seems like during Crain’s outing on Friday, he started feeling a little something in his shoulder. My guess is that based on the amount of work the bullpen has gotten lately, the club didn’t want to go a few extra days short an arm. So they decided to be extra cautious and put Crain on the DL to call up left-hander Jose Mijares.

All of the reports lately on Mijares have been positive. It will be interesting to see if he can come up and duplicate the success he had last September. If so, that could be a big boost to this bullpen that’s been having a hard go of it so far this season.

As for me, I’m not making the trip to Boston so I’ll be off for the next few days. That means the blog will be quiet until Friday when I’m in Cleveland for the start of the three-game series with the Indians.

Over my few days off, I’m planning to work on another edition of the Inbox. Because it’s been a little time since the last one, I could use some new questions. So please log into your email and shoot me a few questions to twinsmailbag@yahoo.com. Any help from you guys would be greatly appreciated.

NOTE: Also, just to let everyone know that I’ll be doing a short segment on the Twins Radio Network every Tuesday when the Twins are on the road. The first one will run tomorrow night during the pre-game show.

Question Time

I’ve received many emails in recent weeks about the abrupt stop of the mailbag. Unlike what I wrote in the final mailbag of 2008, the weekly feature did not return as promised on Jan. 5 (I know it ended up being a lie, I’m sorry). At the time, MLB.com decided to head in a different direction and the mailbags were scratched.

But now comes the good news — the mailbag is back.

Well, actually it’s now called the “Inbox.” My weekly interaction with fans has a new name to better reflect how fans actually send me questions. So you can send your inquiries (along with your first name, first initial of your last name, and your city and state) to twinsmailbag@yahoo.com and some of those questions will be incorporated in a future Inbox.

One change with the Inbox is that it won’t have a set run date. Unlike the mailbag, which ran every Monday, the Inbox will run whenever I have received enough questions to warrant one (and of course, when I have enough time to answer the questions as well). I am going to try to have it run at least once a week in Spring Training and then will determine how often it will appear during the regular season.

So thanks for your understanding and bring on the questions!