Bobby Korecky is now a Diamondback

The Twins announced Wednesday afternoon that pitcher Bobby Korecky had been assigned to the Arizona Diamondbacks on a waiver claim.

The move signifies that the Twins officially signed right-hander Luis Ayala to his one-year, $1.3 million contract. Ayala has been in camp since Sunday but his deal had not yet been finalized. To make room for Ayala on the 40-man roster, the Twins put Korecky on waivers and he was claimed by Arizona. Korecky was 2-0 with a 4.58 ERA in 16 appearances for the Twins last season.

I’ll have more details on the move after we meet with general manager Bill Smith later this afternoon.

UPDATE: The Twins still haven’t officially signed Ayala. The club is just waiting on the official contract to come through from MLB so that it can be signed. That should happen very soon. The signing is close enough that Smith did talk about the pitcher and that will be in the story I’ll file a little later.

One comment

  1. jimcrikket

    Welcome to blogdom, Kelly. Better late than never!

    Seems odd to me that the Twins couldn’t get something, even a lower level prospect, for Korecky rather than trying to send him through waivers. They had to know he wouldn’t go through.

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