Hundred Dollar Bill

When manager Ron Gardenhire walked into his office after Wednesday night’s Spring Training opener against the Red Sox, he found a $100 bill sitting on top of his laptop.

Next to the bill was a note from first baseman Justin Morneau that read “Gardy, Forgot to run. I fined myself.”

Turns out that after Morneau had gone to the batting cages to get some extra swings after exiting the game with a strikeout in the fifth inning. But afterward, he forgot to go back out to the outfield and run.

The Twins have been talking all spring about Morneau’s increased leadership on the team. Perhaps no better sign of that is when the runner-up for last year’s AL MVP is fining himself in the first game of Spring Training.



    Love the blog. Quick question though, why don’t you put pictures and video on it? That would improve the quality of the blog infinitely.

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