Joe Mauer has inflammed lower back

Twins catcher Joe Mauer has been diagnosed with inflammation in the sacroiliac joint, following the magnetic resonance arthrogram he had on Tuesday.

The sacroiliac joint, often referred to as the SI joint, is located at the base of each side of the spine where it meets the top of the pelvis. Mauer’s inflammation is located in the joint on the right side of his lower back.

Twins manager Ron Gardenhire said he was told by team physician, Dr. John Steubs, that the doctors will switch Mauer to a more aggressive medication in hopes of clearing up the inflammation. The team will wait a few days to see how Mauer responds to the medication before he tries any physical activity.

“It shows the same thing,” Gardenhire said. “The inflammation in the SI joint and they are going just change the medicine and we’ll go from there.”

Gardenhire said the Twins had been treating Mauer for some inflammation
in the joint already, so the news that there were no additional
problems was a relief.

“You are thinking that it could be something huge with the way it’s
been going,” Gardenhire said. “But obviously it’s the same thing. They
just haven’t gotten it under control yet.”

Mauer underwent the exam after lower back discomfort has prevented him from doing any baseball related activities in recent days.  The catcher has been limited in his work so far this spring following surgery to eliminate a kidney obstruction on Dec. 22.

But Mauer hasn’t been experiencing the discomfort when he’s catching, throwing or swinging a bat. The only time that his back has proved to be an issue is when he tries to run.

One comment

  1. tcgabby

    Did Joe have a Chiropractic evaluation to rule out a possible subluxation in his lowerback/pelvis that may have been causing nerve interference, thereby causing the inflammation in his sacroiliac joint? Is the medication doing anything other than confusing the body and allowing the real underlying cause of the problem to get progressive worse and shortening this fantastic athlete’s career? Take a lesson from Tiger Woods and use Chiropractic to help your brain & body communicate the way it was designed.

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