Buscher taken to hospital with chest soreness, but everything checks out OK

Twins infielder Brian Buscher was taken to a Fort Myers, Fla. hospital this morning to have his chest examined after experiencing soreness in his chest, but he’s returned to the Twins complex after all of his tests checked out OK.

“He’s fine,” Twins director of baseball communications Mike Herman said.

Buscher, 27, had originally been slotted to start at first base against
the Rays, but he was scratched due to the chest soreness. Brendan Harris
was shifted to first base and Matt Tolbert will get start at third base.

Twins manager Ron Gardenhire said he couldn’t elaborate on Buscher’s soreness because he didn’t have more information.

“He’s getting checked out. It’s something in his chest, whether it’s muscular or whatever, they took him to the hospital this morning to get him checked out,” Gardenhire said before Wednesday’s game against the Rays.

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