Cuddyer leaves game with finger injury

Michael Cuddyer left Sunday’s game against the Rays in the second inning with a right index finger injury and was taken for X-rays in the stadium.

Cuddyer struck out in the top of the second inning, but it’s unclear whether he injured his finger at that time or if he aggravated a previous injury.

With Cuddyer out, Denard Span shifted to right field and Delmon Young entered the game playing left.

UPDATE: X-rays on Cuddyer’s finger were negative. He has a right index finger strain and is listed as day-to-day.


  1. dirthog842

    Is this the same finger as last year? I sure hope that this injury does not linger on like last year’s injury.

  2. mikaelmn

    Stay healthy, Michael! You need those fingers to do card tricks in the locker room as well as smack game-winning line drives, Dude!

  3. kasperk

    I’m guessing it attempted suicide for its role in all the strikeouts. Ha! Just kidding. I like Cuddy… Hopefully this will get Young or Gomez to start stepping up


    Fargo is in “funk” over Cuddy’s “finger”. Get well we need you!!!!

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