Span headed back to Minnesota

Denard Span is flying back to Minnesota on Wednesday to see a specialist in an attempt to figure out what has been causing his lingering dizziness.

The Twins outfielder left Tuesday night’s game in Oakland after the second inning when the dizziness became too much to try to play through. It’s the second time that Span has missed time due to the problem. He did not play in games on May 24 and 25 for the Twins due to feeling dizzy and lightheaded.

While he felt a little better after taking those two games off, Span said that the problem did not go away all together. And during his second at-bat on Tuesday night, he couldn’t see the ball and it scared him.

“I feel like I can’t focus and concentrate when I’m hitting,” Span said. ‘”I kind of get away with it when I’m playing defense because things aren’t happening as fast in the outfield. The last couple days I’ve been kind of feeling the same way, but as the game would go on, things would get a little better.”

During his first episode of dizziness, Span also felt lethargic. This time he said that his energy level has been up,.

Doctors told Span initially that the dizzy spells could have something to do with his thyroid. Span said he’s not sure if that still might be the case but he just hopes to find out what is causing the problem when he gets back to Minnesota and possibly rejoin the team in Chicago this weekend..

“I don’t know what it is,” Span said. “I’ll be honest I’ve thought about different things it could be. I don’t think it’s anxiety. I’m more comfortable this year than I was last year. So I don’t feel like it’s that. I don’t know. I”m not sure if it has to do with having Lasik eye surgery on one eye and not the other. There is a lot of things I”m thinking about now and I just don’t know.”

“Hopefully I’ll find out because I’ve never felt this way playing baseball. I know how it is to be tired and go through the grind of playing a 160-plus game season but I never felt dizzy on the field. It’s scary.”

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