Attendance rises

There were concerns around baseball heading into the 2009 season as to how the recession might affect attendance.

But in the Metrodome’s final season, the Twins have actually been one of the few teams to see their attendance figures rise.

The Twins drew 36,254 fans in Sunday’s series finale against the White Sox and 308,705 fans during their nine-game
homestand, for an average of 34,301.

Over 48 home dates this season, the Twins have drawn a  total of 1,357,757 fans or an average of 28,287 per game. That’s 3,240 ahead of last year’s average attendance. The Twins entered Sunday fourth in the American League in total attendance for the year and they’ve drawn more fans than any other AL Central team.

That’s quite a credit to the fans as well as the team.

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Kelly the Twins should be packing the Metrodome in the
second half of the season as they should be a strong
contender in the Central division. With the starting staff that they have and with Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau
leading the offense this team i believe can open up a
comfortable lead and be able to rest some players for the
playoffs. I hope management can make the changes that
are needed for the Twins to win the playoffs and be in the
World Series. Go get them Twins ; I know you can do it.

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