Welcome to the Winter Meetings

It’s that time of the year again when the baseball world converges on a hotel for the annual Winter Meetings. This year it’s at the Indianapolis Marriott and I’m here for the week and will be bringing you updates on the Twins.

A few quick nuggets to get started. Today is the deadline for free agents who were offered arbitration to accept or decline it. For the Twins, that means they’ll learn whether or not Carl Pavano accepted their offer for arbitration. A little before midnight last night, Twins GM Bill Smith and assistant GM Rob Antony were sitting down  and chatting with Pavano’s agent, Tom O’Connell in the lobby of the Marriott.

The expectation is that if Pavano believes he can get a two-year deal from a club then he will turn down the Twins arbitration offer. The Twins have made clear their interest in bringing Pavano back and even if he doesn’t accept the arbitration offer, the club can still negotiate with the veteran pitcher to try and work out a deal.

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