Twins will be a regular on FOX this season

FOX has announced the regional schedule of its Saturday games for the 2010 season and they are slated to run nine Twins games, the maximum number of appearances for any team.

The Twins are one of four teams to make the maximum number of appearances. The Phillies, the Mariners and the Braves will also be featured nine times. The Yankees will have eight of their games on MLB on FOX, as will the Red Sox, Cubs, Mets and Cardinals.

Here are the nine Twins games that FOX is scheduled to televise:

  • May 29 vs. Rangers
  • June 19 at Phillies
  • July 3 vs. Rays
  • July 10 at Tigers
  • July 24 at Orioles
  • July 31 vs. Mariners
  • Aug. 21 vs. Angels
  • Aug. 28 at Mariners
  • Sept. 4 vs. Rangers

The final two Saturdays of the regular season are designated as “wild
card” dates, allowing FOX Sports to choose up to three games of
significance on each of those days.

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