Rain, rain — please go away

The downpouring rain that forced Thursday’s Twins-Orioles contest to be called in the eighth inning didn’t let up overnight. Close to four inches of rain fell between last night and this morning, forcing the club’s contest with the Mets to be canceled.

One humorous sight this afternoon was watching a few of the position players doing their stretching inside the clubhouse. A rainy day means having to adapt, right?

Here are a few other highlights from our media session with manager Ron Gardenhire following what little workout the Twins could get in due to the rainy day:

— Bench coach Steve Liddle, who is in the hospital after experiencing
chest pains, called and left a message for Gardenhire this morning. So far, Liddle seems to be remaining upbeat, Gardy said.

“He went
through a lot of tests last night and is going through a test this
morning that’s going to be all-day event,” Gardenhire said. “Everything
seems to have checked out so far from the gallbladder on up. They’re
doing some more testing on his heart and all that stuff.”

— Here is the updated pitching schedule now that Thursday’s game has been rained out.

SAT. AT PHILLIES: Pavano, Blackburn, Condrey, Mijares, Neshek, Slama, Swarzak, Burnett
SUN. VS. RED SOX: Slowey, Perkins
MON. AT MARLINS: Liriano, Duensing
WED. AT RAYS: Blackburn, Perkins

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