A special birthday wish

By: Kelly Thesier/MLB.com

Today is Harmon Killebrew’s 74th birthday.

But while the Twins legendary slugger is celebrating his b-day today, his birthday wishes are likely directed at someone else special in his life that’s going through a difficult time.

Killebrew’s granddaughter, Caitlyn May White, was diagnosed with
Dilated Cardiomyopathy with WPW Syndrome just two weeks before her 9th
birthday this past April. Caitlyn now has to wear an AED vest all day, every day, in case her
little heart stops. If the medications don’t work, she will need a heart
transplant. Because of her “severe” condition, her cardiologist
immediately put her on the heart transplant list and began what he
called “long-shot” immediate medication treatment to try and shrink her

So Harmon is asking his friends and fans to help raise money for Caitlyn’s
care and medical treatment.

He is hosting a golf tournament in Arizona on Wednesday, June 30. The Killebrews are also setting up an online auction. Harmon and his wife, Nita, are first
asking for everyone’s prayers and secondly, asking for any auction
items, prize or cash donations.

All proceeds will go into a care and medical treatment trust account for
Caitlyn set up at Wells Fargo Bank.

For more information, everyone can go to www.harmonkillebrewfoundation.org

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