Morneau update

By: Kelly Thesier/

In yesterday’s Twins Inbox, one of the questions I had received was about the health status of Justin Morneau and how he was progressing. I responded with what I had heard from Twins general manager Bill Smith this week in that Morneau was feeling better but hadn’t started to work out yet.

I got an email back today from Justin updating his status as well and wanted to share. Here is what he had to say:

“For the people that want to know how I’m doing, there is nothing really new to report. I’m feeling a lot better but I haven’t really done much so it’s still hard to tell. There’s no reason to start working out yet. Normally I would start my workouts between Nov. 1 and 15th so I’m not behind schedule at all. I expect to be ready and 100 percent well before Spring Training.”

It sounded like a positive update from Justin, just like I had received from Bill Smith, so I wanted to pass that along to everyone.


Great to hear! Thanks for the update Kelly.

Great to hear! Thanks for the update Kelly.

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