Arbitration Deadline looms

By: Kelly Thesier/

UPDATE 10:55 p.m. CT: The MLBPA release has come out and only two free agents accepted arbitration — none of those were the three Twins who were offered. So it’s official – Pavano, Crain and Hudson all declined the Twins’ offer of arbitration.

UPDATE: Carl Pavano has declined the Twins offer of arbitration, as expected. Still waiting for official word on Jesse Crain and Orlando Hudson.

There likely won’t be an official announcement until 10:59 p.m. CT tonight whether or not Carl Pavano, Jesse Crain and Orlando Hudson will accept the Twins’ offer of arbitration.

The expectation has been that the three players would decline the offer of arbitration and all indications on Tuesday were that nothing had changed.

If all three players decline, as expected, then the Twins could receive a total of four draft picks for the 2011 First Year Player Draft. Pavano is a Type A free agent so if he signs with another club then the Twins would receive a first or second-round 2011 draft pick from the signing team, plus a supplemental round pick between the first and second round. Crain and Hudson are both Type B free agents and the Twins will receive a supplemental pick for each one if they leave.

The Twins can still try to re-sign those three players even if they decline arbitration.

One comment

  1. kurtimus

    I was just wondering why, with the clear threat of losing Pavano, isn’t the front office more concerned with the starting staff?

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