Changes at Target Field

By: Kelly Thesier/

MINNEAPOLIS — The batter’s eye at Target Field will look slightly different when the Twins open up the 2011 season.

Twins president Dave St. Peter said Friday that the team plans to remove the black spruce trees that are currently behind the center field wall. Hitters, for both the Twins and visiting teams, have complained that the trees have been a distraction and make it difficult to see the ball coming out of the pitcher’s hand.

The team also plans to install a new “almost honeycomb-like” material on
the backdrop that will help to reduce the glare for hitters, which was a
problem during late afternoon games.

“It’s more of a safety issue for players,” Twins general manager Bill Smith said. “That is one of those things that you really don’t know until you get into a park and start playing. The glare, you can project what the glare will be but you don’t know until you start playing. We certainly want to make it safe for the players.”

St. Peter said that the team is still working on determining what to do with the trees. He mentioned it’s possible that they could be relocated to a different parts of the state


  1. akruse

    The team is going to remove the trees? That is pretty sad. They added a really nice touch to the field, and I’m sure would have looked great once they had grown more. I hope there is some creative plan for the area, besides the honeycomb material, so it isn’t just left empty.

  2. oldblu

    That’s sad to hear, how many years did the dome roof fall into this safety category when the roof was the same color as the ball.I dont see the trees being white except in the winter when there’s snow on them.What about all the ivy growing on numerous ball fields walls, i would say that’s more of a safety issue getting poked in the eye or trying to catch a ball at the ivy fence . I think they should raise the section of seats next to the flag pole so anyone sitting in those seats and maybe a section towards center field can actually see the whole outfield. GO TWINS.

  3. kylerulz4h

    I know it would be pretty cliche but they should (since they have to remove the trees) find a way to put a fountain in. That would be pretty cool to see. It could definitely add to the win and home-run celebrations as well, which I thought were kind of lacking last season! But we shall see what they do! Can’t wait for the season to start! Go Twins.

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